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Pet Insurance

Because owners want to do everything they can for their pets, they are often looking for a better way to pay for their veterinary care. They know their pets deserve the very best medical care, but at times providing that care can be hard because of financial constraints.

Pet insurance is one way to help. It reimburses owners for a part of, or the whole, veterinary bill for injured or ill patients. As medical costs continue to grow, more owners are looking for pet insurance plans that cover preventative medicine, including examinations and vaccinations.

When an owner decides to start looking for pet insurance, there are many different companies from which to choose. Here are some things to consider when choosing a pet insurance plan:

  • How much it costs every month.
  • If you want preventative medicine covered (or how much you want covered).
  • Whether pre-existing conditions are covered. If a pet was already diagnosed, will the insurance cover the bills for this condition?
  • Whether congenital and hereditary conditions are covered. These include hip dysplasia, heart defects, and similar problems.
  • Whether a percentage of the bill or a dollar amount will be reimbursed.
  • What are the limitations to the insurance? Are there yearly limits? Some plans have lifetime limits.

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